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Supro Model 24 '66

1966 Supro Model 24
Chicago 51 Amplifier by VALCO
Original Condition

Shown here with her new partner:

and here in her custom made "View Panel" amp cover:

Purchased from Eddie the hot dog man, this 1966 all point to pint tube amp along with a 1967 Fender Mustang were purchase by Eddie in 1967 with money he earned from his paper route.  Eddie says the Guitar went under the bed a couple years there after and he recently pulled them out because he wanted to buy a new hog.  He says he didn't play much, but he apparently played enough to blow the original Jensen as this Supro came to me with a Realistic 12" honker.  I immediately secured a reissue Jensen from Italy just like the original and this baby with original tubes SCREAMS!!!!!

Download the Photo Album

July 2010 Vintage Guitar Magazine review of 1965 JUST like her:

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