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News & Stories

Periodically I have an opportunity to write a story for publication in local papers or other publications.  Here we will archive those stories and occasionally add exclusive articles of interest.

If you have something you'd like to submit, please Contact me.


I wanted to share with you a correspondence I recently had via the Internet.  This fellow contacted after finding the write up on my friend Dave's 1960's Fender Precision Bass that I helped him last year.

Date: August 21, 2009
From:  European Musician
Hello Gary! (He got my name wrong)
I used all my savings and bought the "dreambass" a few months ago. Fender precision 1965 L series.
Now I`m in shock. the bass  i bought must be the same 66 you have sold?
I bougt the bass in Stocholm Sweeden from a guy named XXXXX XXXXXXX.
Can you confirm that this is the 1966 fender Precision bass you have sold?

Date: August 21, 2009
To: Europeon Musician

If you are referencing the Fender '60s P Bass on my website,  that was my friend's Bass from here in the states.  You can tell from my detailed description of the bass from when it was in tact and in my possession, that there were several items changed over the years and in turn we were emphatic is suggesting that we were uncertain of the authenticity.

That said, that was over a year ago that I think we sold that bass on ebay as a batch of parts to some guy in Europe. I don't recall the name.  I just took a quick look into my ebay account and they don't offer me deal history back that far.  If I recall, he bought the body, neck and tuners, neck plate and pick guard.  That would have been all the parts that seemed authentic, although I was always concerned that the body might be a refinish and the lack of neck heal date was atypical although not unheard of.

If you thought you bought a '65, then the neck plate and I believe even the neck decal should give you a good indication as a simple reference to a number of online or published Fender Bass reference resources could help you verify.  Sometimes the numbers are so close to the estimated number ranges, that some of the part dates straddle the year line between the two years which was often the case with the way Fender used their parts in the post CBS years.    The rule of thumb should be to consider the NEWEST part date as the earliest date the guitar could have left the Fender factory.

As to whether your bass has parts from the bass we had, the pictures and numbers are all there on line for comparison.  Even if your seller said it was a 1965, I'd suppose if you have parts that look and number like the parts on my bass, you can confirm that the guitar you have was not originally assembled in the Fender Factory.  I can fully appreciate how this realization might be causing you frustration.

It is an unfortunate, common tale of how often people buy things on the internet without protections against these kinds of apparent misrepresentations. 

I personally do not do a lot of this internet selling.  I just happened to have this one friend of mine who decide to liquidate his significant collection and that in turn provided me my first ebay sales experience and some good content for my Guitar Enthusiast website.  I do not do this type of selling and buying with great  frequency for the very reason that you might have experienced.

I am sorry to hear that you might have had one such bad experience and I wish you luck in resolving it, should you find some mechanism for recourse.

Consolation might be that if you like the bass for the way it plays and looks, the authentication of a Fender instrument that has all the proper parts from the same era is very hard to dispute since these were all part guitars.  If you have the parts that were a part of my friends bass, the lack of a Neck pocket date and the black finish looking the way it did without undercoat could raise serious questions, that to some collectors, can not be over come.  That is in fact why my friend took my advice to not demand the sale price of a verified 1966 P Bass.  If we did hold out for such a demand, it we would have gotten a lot more money.  I don't recall the specific numbers, but the price on verifiable models was double and maybe triple what we sold the parts for.

I have no intentions of removing the guitar's information from my website, so if the availability of it can help you, you are welcome to its content.

Good luck.

Caveat emptor

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