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Michael Kelley Dragonfly 4 String Acoustic Bass SOLD

Michael Kelley Dragonfly
4 String Acoustic Bass (Recent) SOLD

This Acoustic Bass appears as NOS.  No indication that this have been played.  No scuffs, dings, scratches, etc. 

Model No. QAB2 - QVS (Q's  could be "O")
Serial No. S2496

Nice little Piezo pickup system with  Presence, Treble, Mid and Bass Sliders and Vlume Dial.  Top load 9V battery with Batt. Check indicator button and LED.  Sounds nice.

Bass comes in Michael Kelley Silk Screens Original Hardshell Case.

If you want one of these, which apparently lots of folks do, this one in like new condition at Pre-owned price might be the deal of the century.

Check out their website:

Review by Inside Connection Magazine

A little about Michael Kelley from Vintage Guitar Review - August 2002 - "Reviews: MK's Legacy Drafonfly":

"Michael Kelly Instruments  is  the  brainchild  of Tracy Hoeft. Truth be told, there  is  no  Michael Kelly;  he's  sort of like a musical Jolly Green Giant - a trademark figure who blesses the company's products with his benevolent spirit.

Michael Kelly instruments are made in Korea under strict supervision and quality control and are sold only via mail and the internet. Michael Kelly is the sort of operation that couldn't have existed five years ago; the internet has pretty much created its market. Plus, giant strides in the quality and sophistication of manufacturing in Korea have aided the efforts of companies like Michael Kelly. "

For more, please contact me.

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