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1985 Gibson Les Paul Standard
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Alembic Mark King "Custom" ('94) SOLD

Alembic Mark King
Custom Model
1994 (Serial# 94 MJ8438 USA)

Virtually unplayed condition.  This Bass Guitar is officially a Mark King Standard model, but is Series II body design.  Alembic factory rep. described this as a "Custom" standard as are many Alembic instruments.  Active elctronics that Alembic pioneered.  It amazed me to confirm that this guitar left the factory in 1994.  It does not show that age.  If you have any questions about this guitar, I encourage you to contact the Alembic factory.  Their guitars are so difficult to confirm materials, etc. 

This guitar APPEARS to be figured Walnut top, Mahogany Back, three peice maple neck through body and ebony fretboard.

Own a "Series II" at Mark King Standard pricing.

Weight:  27.8 lbs
Exterior Dimension:  19" W  x  5" D  x  52.5"  H

Note split in case.  Otherwise great condition.

Mark King Standard Serial Number.  Alembic Factory said the guitar being of Series II body design would be considered a "Custom" Standard retailing today if ordered new at $6000 MSRP.

John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin with his Alembic Series II.  Note remarkable similarity in body design to this guitar.

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