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1957 Fender Stratocaster (S#-21959)

Fender Stratocaster
(1957 S# -21959)

This guitar had been located in Portland CT and was purchased in March 2007 by Wayne D'Amico, from 72 year old "Paulie B" who bought this guitar from Tirkots's Music in West Hartford CT in 1957.  Started out at age 15 playing along side his brother on accordian, he recalls playing in Hartford at Jessie's Bar Room.  He recounts that he played it up until about 12 or so years ago when he chopped off the end of his finger while working.  The last fellow of his longtime band passed away recently and he decided it was time to part with it.
  • The Guitar is Fender Stratocaster Serial Number on Neck Plate "-21959" (My understanding of this number is that it is consistent with 1957 range 16000-25000 some with "-" prefix)
  • The Pencil drawn date on the neck is "8-57" for August 1957
  • The Pencil drawn Pick-up Cavity date is "7-57" for July 1957
  • The Pots date June 1957: all three(3)  Serial # "304723" (Middle Tone Pot does have solder over the digits after "304") (My understanding of this is that 304 represents the "Stackpole" manufacturer and the 723 represent the YWW or Year Week say 1957 week 23 or June.
  • The neck has the mystical "soft V" so often talked about, but which I had never experienced prior. Amazing feel.
  • Original Tweed Case (Includes Original Leather Strap and Gray Fender patch cord, ashtray and Whammy bar
  • Pickups>  5.76k (Bridge) 5.74k (Middle) 5.61k (Neck)
Until this guitar, I had never had the opportunity to play a 50's Fender.  I only read and heard testimony of those who had.  They speak of the "bell like" tone of the pickups and the unbelievable soft "V" neck profile, the resonance of the body wood, etc.  Well, NOW I now what they're talking about.  Until you sit in a room with this guitar plugged into a quality amplifier, you will never appreciate what all the hysteria is about, but I can now attest that this baby certainly "has it".  Call it MOJO, call it wat you will, the entire experience that is this 50 year old musical treasure is all it's touted and more.

Original Owner's Photo Retrospective

Detailed Guitar Photo Album

For more details or with questions,  please contact me.

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